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Resume Writing Services Charlotte NC

Recognized as a top Executive Resume Writer in the United States.

Hired by several top-tier Executive Resume Writing companies to write superior Resumes for “challenging” Executive clients.

One of the Most Recommended Résumé Writers on LinkedIn. Read what our clients have to say→

LinkedIn Profile SEO Expert able to dramatically increase your online job search success rate – recruiters will find you online.

Created more than 1,300 Executive Resumes for high-profile clients throughout numerous industries.

Former recruiter with success in placing candidates at all levels and working with start-up, high-growth, and Fortune 500 organizations.

99%+ client satisfaction rate (vast majority landing interviews within 30 days of resume re-write).

Stand Out From The Crowd

I began helping people with their resumes in the late 1990’s and co-built in 2008. My name is Christopher Zourides, CPRW. Recognized as one of the best Executive Sales, Business Development, Marketing, Operations, Technology,  Banking, and Finance Résumé Writers in the country, I also very much enjoy helping Student, Entry and Mid-Career clients dramatically increase their job search success rate.

A resume’s sole purpose is to attract the attention of prospective employers and recruiters. In addition to  strong content accurately reflecting one’s career history and added value, the resume needs to be key-word rich for Search Engine Optimization, and the layout needs to be such that the reader can easily recognize accomplishments without having to strain and find them (most resumes do not attract attention). My clients have a marked advantage in getting recruiters and Hiring Managers to contact them.

Resume Writing Services in Charlotte, NC

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Certified Professional Resume Writer in Charlotte, NC

As a certified professional resume writer (CPRW) currently residing in Charlotte, NC, I have extensive experience helping clients throughout all industries, and at all levels. Transforming an ineffective resume into a high-impact personal marketing document that showcases your brand and dramatically increases your online response rate is what I do best. I craft powerfully branded SEO-optimized Resumes and LinkedIn profiles to help my clients shorten their job searches, move up in their careers, change industries, and overcome liabilities.

Although is a Charlotte, NC-based company offering resume writing and related services, I am a professional resume writer helping clients around the world.Originally from Long Island, NY, and having lived on both the U.S. East and West coasts, I have clients in all 50 states, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, The Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Having helped more than 2,000 clients throughout my career, my resume writing specialties include, but are certainly not limited to:


  • CEO resumes
  • CFO resumes
  • COO resumes
  • CIO resumes
  • CMO resumes
  • Director-Level Resumes
  • VP resumes
  • Sales and Marketing resumes
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Resumes
  • Executive Resumes
  • Operations Resumes
  • Marketing Resumes
  • CPG Resumes
  • Food Industry Resumes
  • Business Development Resumes
  • Career Change Resumes
  • Technology Resumes (I.T.)
  • Managing Director Resumes
  • Senior Audit Resumes
  • HR Resumes
  • Project Management Resumes
  • Consultant Resumes
  • Sports and Entertainment Resumes
  • Travel & Hospitality Resumes
  • Student Resumes
  • Entry-Level Resumes
  • Early Career Professional Resumes
  • And Much More! 

What Distinguishes Me as a Résumé Writer

The Résumé Critique

I OFFER THIS SERVICE PRIMARILY TO DISPLAY MY LEVEL OF SKILL AS ONE OF ONLY A HANDFUL OF RÉSUMÉ WRITERS  able to demonstrate this level of expertise. I review your current resume in great detail, almost line by line. WE CONSULT FOR NINETY (90) MINUTES; via  phone or in-person. I identify your resume’s strengths and weaknesses, point out where it does convey what you’re trying to say, and more importantly where it does not. We discuss strategy, structure, core competencies, and more.

The Phone Interview

The majority of my clients prefer the phone interview instead of completing my comprehensive Questionnaire. I prefer this as well because although my Questionnaire is very thorough, it doesn’t allow for deeper behavioral based questions based on impromptu responses to prior questions as we are speaking. Also, before conducting the 30-60 minute phone interview, I spend a good deal of time evaluating/analyzing my clients’ existing resumes to come up with very specific, targeted questions.

The Final Product

The deliverable is a custom written, fact-based, achievement-oriented, AND KEY WORD RICH optimized resume FOR THE HUMAN AND ELECTRONIC EYE (Applicant Tracking Systems). We  make a strong case for why a company should interview you. And we make sure that you go into the interview with an incredibly strong representation of who you are and the added value you bring to an organization.

Charlotte Resume Writing Services

Learn More About Resume Writing

Find valuable information and pointers on how to improve your resume writing skills right here! We will add new articles and pointers often, so be sure to check back!

How to Benefit from LinkedIn ProFinder

Business Owners and Freelance Consultants now have a valuable resource to connect with clients in need of specialized professional services in a variety of categories such as writing/editing, technology, marketing, finance, business consulting, marketing, legal, and more. I recently received the invitation to join LinkedIn ProFinder while it was in the beta testing phase. Other companies such as Fiverr, Upwork, TaskRabbit, and Elance offer similar service networking benefits. However, LinkedIn’s ProFinder team thoroughly vets service providers to ensure expertise in their respective fields. And an exceptionally high percentage of clients, in my experience, are serious about their inquires. Connecting clients in need of qualified experts is of course an ideal win-win situation.

The LinkedIn ProFinder tool benefits both service providers and customers, and will very likely become the “Project Connector” of choice in the near future. And this strategic tool is simply to use. Customers find it very user friendly and functional − they simply log in to LinkedIn and provide a detailed project description. Experts that are interested in the project then respond. Contractors just fill out a few fields to indicate their areas of expertise, and then sit back and receive viable leads. Whenever a project matches up with the consultants skill set, an e-mail with project details is submitted for review. Then of course bids can be sent. Project requests are open for up to 24 hours, or until 5 professional proposals come in. Having used this tool quite a bit lately, I am more than pleased with the functionally and performance of the platform. LinkedIn ProFinder works!

The majority of my business is referral based, something of which I am very grateful for. I usually receive the initial correspondence via email and then respond back requesting additional information and availability to speak. LinkedIn ProFinder responses are as close to this type of Warm lead referral as I’ve ever experienced. This platform allows both clients and consultants the opportunity to provide very detailed information. Consultants are able to provide fairly lengthy tailored replies/proposals to prospective client requests − valuable time is saved as a result. So far, the 10 or so clients I’ve connected with have been great. And I’ve already received several client referrals. I highly recommend this service to anyone, service provider or customer, looking to benefit from one of the best Service Networking tools available today.

Christopher Zourides, CPRW is an accomplished Executive Resume Writer with extensive experience helping clients throughout all industries. He is the Owner of, a Resume Writing and Career Coaching company founded in 2008.

“Chris has a great ability to take a traditional resume and turn it into a career game changer resume. He is very knowledgeable and up-to-date on what businesses are looking for today when they are searching for that perfect candidate. It’s not about having just a good resume anymore, it’s about having a stand-out resume which clearly and quickly identifies your best attributes as it pertains to the position at hand you are looking for. And this is exactly what Chris’ resume writing skills can do for you. So, before you put yourself back on the market, make sure you have Chris help you put your best foot forward. After all, being able to showcase our professional value and expertise is a benefit of why we work so hard.”

Krissy F. (Georgia – Marketing Strategist & Digital Advertising)

“I am a little late in writing this, but that is because I have been very busy working. I had been on the job hunt for 11 months when I wrote and had my resume critiqued. Lots of great feedback and ultimately I purchased the resume writer option. The best money I have ever spent. Within 4 weeks I was deciding between three offers. I also used the resources and files of information on job interviewing and searches. 53 weeks after being laid off I started work again. I have recommended you and your site to others who have been out of work. Thank you again for your services and resources.”

Andrew G. (California – Store Manager)

“Hi Chris, I received a job offer from a company about two weeks ago….I cannot thank you enough for your services as it definitely increased the number of job interviews I received (from none to four different companies) and several more requests on LinkedIn.”

Derek Y. (Texas – Information Technology Leader)

“Chris is exceptional at discerning professional skills and personal attributes and then articulates them as a professional resume writer. Process-driven, He takes the time to understand the unique skills that his clients possess. This reflects in the work that Chris presents to them for their approval. It works. Chris should be hired by any business professional that wants to have their abilities accurately represented on their resume. I’ve recommended him to colleagues several times.”

Doug D. (New York – Senior HR & Business Outplacement Professional)

“I hired Christopher to write my resume two years ago. I work in healthcare and had a resume that typically looked like most nurses would. ‘education, position held, certifications etc’ very basic. Christopher took the time to interview me in depth about my accomplishments and positions before writing my resume. When he returned it to me I was astounded. I would never have believed that the person he wrote about was me. I immediately began receiving job offers I never thought possible and one of the directors had even asked where I had the resume done because they had not seen such an awesome portrail of an applicant in a long time. I highly recommend Christopher for any writing.”

Richard C. (North Carolina – Staff Development Manager, RN)

“Amazing Experience – Chris was highly recommended to me by a previous client. He went above and beyond to make the time necessary to understand my unique situation. More importantly, he customized my resume to reflect my skill set in a way to achieve a very specific objective. Finally, I strongly recommend Chris and I’m confident he will exceed your expectations.”

Curt E. (Florida – Director, Private Bank)

“After 19 years with the same company you lose track of what’s been achieved. Chris used his skills brilliantly to work with me to capture and professionally present, the key achievements from the last two decades. I thought calling from NZ to Florida and other states that Chris was in as we worked together might create an issue. Chris made himself available at times convenient working around the time zones and the family responsibilities. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone looking for a professional resume.”

Nick C. (New Zealand – General Manager)

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