We all love to use spell check, it’s easy and convenient. For most people the days of looking up a word in the old 5 pound dictionary are long gone. Unfortunately, disappearing right along with that monstrous book went word definition checking. When someone looked up a word the “old-fashioned” way they would read the word definition located right next to the word; ensuring proper usage. However, when someone relies solely on spell check, they no longer cross-check to guarantee proper word usage. Spell check is certainly convenient, but when it creates mistakes on a résumé it could also mean the death of a potential job interview.

Here are 10 of the most common “spell checked” words that we see usage mistakes on when reviewing our clients’ old résumés.


Everyday; usual,  routine
Every day; each day


Who’s; contraction for who is or who has
Whose; shows possession


Assure; to state confidently
Ensure; to guarantee, to make certain
Insure; to issue or obtain insurance on or for


Compliment; a flattering comment
Complement; something that completes or makes perfect


Affect; to influence or change
Effect; a result


Lead; to command or direct
Led; past tense of “lead”


Council; an assembly for consultation or discussion
Counsel; advice
Consul; a government official


Principle; fundamental belief, general truth
Principal; most important or (as a noun) the person with the highest authority in an organization


Rain; falling water
Rein (noun); part of a bridle
Rein (verb); to check or hold back (used with “in”)
Reign (noun); sovereignty
Reign (verb); to rule


Cite to quote; to refer to
Site; location
Sight; vision, to see