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I began helping professionals with their resumes as a Technology and Telecommunications Recruiter in the late 1990s and early 2000s. I built in 2008, and while my experience spans across all industry verticals and experience levels, I now focus on IT professionals.

My success rate in helping technology leaders land job interviews relatively quick is exceptional. As one of the most recommended Resume Writers on LinkedIn, ensuring a resume is optimized for Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) keyword search technology is my forte.

For the last 15+ years, I’ve written resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles for IT professionals at all levels/functions (Network Architects/Admins/Engineers, System Admins, IT Coordinators, DevOps Engineers, IT Managers/Directors, Service Desk Analysts, etc.), on up to CIOs/CTOs/CISOs.

When you work with me, the process of creating your resume will focus on ATS-optimization, finding/showcasing just the right words to describe your achievements. We’ll discuss your technical projects, the environment in which you work(ed), and the challenges you’ve faced.


  1. Scheduling an introductory call to discuss your situation and goals, and the value I’m able to provide.
  2. Conducting the 45-90-minute Resume Phone Interview. This is the crux of my process. I’ll spend a good amount of time reviewing your current information (i.e., existing resume, LinkedIn content, target job postings) to structure very targeted specific questions enabling me to extract every bit of relevant information I’ll need to construct your new resume and other documents. This is an in-depth interview discussing every aspect of your career. I’ve been interviewing clients in this fashion, including numerous C-level executives, for 15+ years. I’ve interviewed thousands of clients and am able to determine key differentiators and define your unique brand. 
  3. Receiving and reviewing your documents. You will receive your draft documents within 7 business days of our resume phone interview. Two rounds of revisions are included; however, the vast majority of my clients require minimal or even no revisions whatsoever.

NOTE: Although I have a small team of elite Resume Writers, you’ll work with me personally. From the initial conversation, to final deliverable.

Information Technology (IT) Resumes and IT LinkedIn Profiles are different:

I write IT resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and cover letters; I create documents that get interviews. IT resumes are especially challenging because of the technology aspect. While it is important to itemize the technologies with which you have experience, you don’t want a list of technologies to dominate a resume or to hide your other attributes as a prospective employee.

It is important to describe your career and accomplishments in a way that highlights value creation at least as much as technology. An ideal technical resume will describe projects, the value of those projects to the employer, and your contributions to those projects.

Together, we will reinforce your unique value by tying your achievements to solutions that:

  • Saved the company time and money
  • Increased business process efficiency
  • Improved end-user satisfaction
  • Protected against shadow IT practices
  • Enhanced employee communication
  • Data Resumes: Data Engineer, Data Scientists, Data Architect, Data Administrator
  • Architect Resumes: IT Architect, Data Architect, Infrastructure Architect, BI Architect, Security Architect
  • Manager Resumes: IT Manager, IT Project Manager, IT Program Manager, BI/DW Manager
  • Administrator Resumes: Network Administrator, Systems Administrator, Network Engineer, Database Administrator, Security Administrator
  • Developer Resumes: Software Developer, Applications Developer, BI Developer, ETL Developer
  • Director Resumes: IT Director, Infrastructure Director, Director of Applications Development, Director of BI Program
  • Executive Resumes: CIO, CTO, Senior Vice President, CISO

Data Resumes

  • Data Engineer

  • Data Scientists

  • Data Architect

  • Data Administrator

Architect Resumes

  • IT Architect

  • Data Architect

  • Infrastructure Architect

  • BI Architect

  • Security Architect

Manager Resumes

  • IT Manager

  • IT Project Manager

  • IT Program Manager

  • BI/DW Manager

Administrator Resumes

  • Network Administrator

  • Systems Administrator

  • Network Engineer

  • Database Administrator

  • Security Administrator

Developer Resumes

  • Software Developer

  • Applications Developer

  • BI Developer

  • ETL Developer

Director Resumes

  • IT Director

  • Infrastructure Director

  • Director of Applications Development

  • Director of BI Program

Executive Resumes

  • CIO

  • CTO

  • Senior Vice President

  • CISO


For mid-level IT professionals, I typically charge between $495 to $695 to build an IT resume; and $695 to $925 for senior and/or executive-level. You’ll receive a fixed-price quote following the initial consultation. Included in this price are the first version of your resume plus 2 cycles of refinement, if needed, to ensure that the language and presentation are just right for you.

*Entry-Level IT professionals will pay between $295-$350 for a resume.

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