Hear what other people have to say about us, and then tell us about your experience!

Andrew G – California – Store Manager “I am a little late in writing this, but that is because I have been very busy working. I had been on the job hunt for 11 months when I wrote and had my resume critiqued. Lots of great feedback and ultimately I purchased the resume writer option. The best money I have ever spent. Within 4 weeks I was deciding between three offers. I also used the resources and files of information on job interviewing and searches. 53 weeks after being laid off I started work again. I have recommended you and your site to others who have been out of work. Thank you again for your services and resources. Sincerely,”

Alex M – Pennsylvania – Business Development Executive / Entrepreneur “Hi Chris. A really special thanks for the excellent job you did on my resume. The job offer I got from Morgan Stanley was EXACTLY what I want to do. You packaged my skills perfectly for the position I wanted. Thank you so much. I wish you luck in anything you do in the future. If you ever want a reference, please call on me.”
Scott S. – New York – Senior Analyst “Thanks Chris. I can rename the files I have if needed. I posted the revised resume on Ladders and Monster last night and today I received a call from a recruiter looking to fill a position at a hedge fund!! She saw my resume on Monster. I have never had a cold call from someone finding my resume on a job site. So thanks again- that is a great first sign!”
Danielle B – Washington State – Strategic Product Marketing Director “I am FLOORED!!!! You did a TREMENDOUS job on this cover letter and on the resume. I honestly am speechless and it is hard to make me speechless! You succinctly defined my background and created two documents that are outstanding! I am beyond impressed! I am so grateful for how you were able to reflect my hard work in ways I haven’t been able to explain! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
Sara B. – Minnesota – Human Resources Executive “Chris – first let me say you rock. I know someone who has been in HR as long as I have should be able to do their resume but I was really struck by what you have done…it’s awesome…..Again what you have delivered exceeded what I thought I would get… Thank you so much!”
Erin J. – California – Senior Finance Professional “Hey Chris – Just a quick note that I sent out the new resume the day I got it (after reviewing it) and have already been through a 2nd interview and they are asking for references. Looking good! Thanks again for your help on this. Cheers, EJ”
Donna R – Illinois – Senior Operations Executive “Dear Chris…Thank you for the resume. It is amazing. I would never have said all that about myself. I feel like a fisherman with a brand new bait box full of little lures. The cover letter is great too… This is great.”
Andrea F – California – Marketing & Communications Director “Chris, wow! This looks better than I imagined and you turned it around so fast. I feel like I’m great on paper now, too. Thank you so much! I really have no changes; it reads very well and is strong and I am happy with it and the cover letter. This was a huge load off my mind – it was difficult to dedicate the time to get this right on my own. Thank you again. Truly this was money well spent”
Bill F. – Arizona – V.P. of Internal Audit “Good Morning Chris, I looked at both the resume and the cover letter a couple of times now, and I am absolutely speechless. You did an absolutely fantastic job….. Taking that same information and putting it into a completely different style and form has transformed it into something that “sings”…. In the mean time, thank you again for the wonderful job and fast turnaround. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year. “

Nicola R – New York – Chief Operating Officer “WOW – what a difference it makes when you have an expert write it! Thank you.”
Mike S. – Nevada – Banking Professional “Chris, I started at Bank of America on April 11th. VP / Small Business Banker. Resume was great, they loved it. Glad I pulled the trigger on a “new” resume. Thanks for the assistance.”
Caroline L – Florida – Finance Manager “Hi Chris, I love the format and verbiage….Honestly its amazing, great JOB!! …IT IS AWESOME!!!! Can’t wait to hear back from you!! You are the best!!….THANK YOU!!!!
Sheila K – Mississippi – Regional Vice President “Chris, I am VERY pleased with the outcome of you resume re-write along with the cover letter. This was money well spent. Best Regards,”
Roy S. – Washington State – Director of Sales & Marketing “Chris, this is excellent. definitely much more impact than my previous resume.”
Tim K. – Texas – VP of Sales “Wow! Nice job, Chris. Very impactful and attention getting. …Cover letter looks great too…. You are GOOD! Thx.”
Jeffrey P. – Michigan – Sales Director “Chris, The resume and cover letter look great!! I am really glad I made this decision. Thanks!”
Harold H. – Texas – Senior Sales Executive “Hi Chris, Thanks a million for the resume’ rewrite. It is certainly considerably more attractive than my homemade one…that just tells and tells. You have created something that I will be proud to present wherever I go…I am looking forward to making something happen now. Thanks again,”
Matthew A. – Colorado – Group Benefits Director “Chris – WOW! Looks great!……looks day and night better than my piece of junk…thank you!!! I’ll be sending this new one out and seeing what happens…thanks!!”
Jin K. – Massachusetts – Business Development Executive “ Hi Chris,I received your mater piece. You did a great job ! I am very satisfied with your work. I just sent out my resume ,that you created, to a recruiter who is working on medical sales. Thank you so much! Best regards,”
Jon M. – North Carolina – Portfolio Manager “Chris, I’m thrilled with the new resume.”
Edward T. – New York – Managing Director “Chris, Awesome job, I love it…Thank you very much.”
Elizabeth V. – Connecticut – Portfolio Manager “Chris, Thank you for your hard work and help preparing my resume. I really needed your expertise, now I am excited to share my resume! I will recommend you highly”
Frank B. – Michigan – Chief Executive Officer “Hi Chris, I like what you did…..That really is my only comment other than “wow” you did a wonderful job translating the information. I thought the work you did on the cover letter was exceptional!….Sincerely, Frank”
Ward G. – New York – Banking Branch Manager “Chris, The resume is fantatstic. It is everything you said it would be and is very well written. It will certainly get me noticed much better than the other resume that was posted. Thank you for your hard work and dedication and I would be happy to provide you with referrals and recommendations if necessary. Thanks so much…..Ward”
Gregory J. – Iowa – Business Development Executive “Good evening, Chris – I hope you’re getting a couple of days of as it looks like you worked most of today. The cover letter and resume are nothing short of outstanding. WOW! What a great job. Thank you. I’ll review over the next couple of days and get back with you regarding any questions or thoughts…Again, Chris, thank you very much. Have a great weekend. Sincerely, Gregg”
Derek Y. – Texas – Information Technology Leader “Hi Chris, I received a job offer from a company about two weeks ago….I cannot thank you enough for your services as it definitely increased the number of job interviews I received (from none to four different companies) and several more requests on LinkedIn.”
Emilie D. – New York – Sales “Hi Chris, I hope you’ve been well. I wanted to let you know that I started a brand new job yesterday, with better pay, in a better environment and with tons of room for promotion and growth. I believe with all of my heart that the amazing resume you created for me contributed significantly to me landing the interview that got me that job.  I said it before, but I can’t say it enough: thank you!”

Jaime V. – New York – Managing Director “Chris, One word – Outstanding!!!! Each bullet is much stronger now and I love your word usage….Again, thank you for the quick turnaround and excellent body of work.”
Lindsey M. – New York – Senior Business Analyst “Hello Chris, WOW!! I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate what you have put together for my resume. Thank you so much for such a great resume! You really did a fab job by giving my resume a good makeover; I can’t tell you how pleased I am to have worked with you on this.”
Angela D. – Maryland – Chief Financial Officer “Chris, You are absolutely amazing!!!!! I love what you have done!!!!! Thank YOU Thank YOU Thank YOU…You are a whiz.”
Ricardo D. – Texas – Compliance Officer “can’t even begin to explain how thankful I am for your assistance with this.”
Scott H. – Australia – Consumer Products Director “Hi Chris -Thanks very much. I am so proud (well, thankful) for the resume and really excited to share it with prospective employers. My friend from MasterCard took a look yesterday and was really impressed – will definitely try to refer some people on. Best regards,”
Natalie K. – New York – Sales Professional “Chris-Great Job!! I like what you did!! Thank you!!”
Chris D. – Illinois – Portfolio Manager “Mr Zourides…THANK YOU!. You sent me a killer resume, as promised. You have connected the missing link between all the job search/resume articles I have been reading and what the tips look like when properly applied to the page. Finally, I understand the difference between a grocery list of things that I’ve done and a genuine personal marketing document.”
Bryan T. – Tennessee – Senior Sales Rep “Chris,This looks wonderful! Thanks for the work on it. I cannot wait to get this out there and get some interviews! All the best,”
Ron L. – New Jersey – Business Development Director “WOW !!! Even with a template I would have never been able to put this together. It is so much simpler and yet more powerful. The selection of words is amazing. The accountant in me is stuck with all the detail.Thank you Chris, if I have any questions I will email you.”
Mario D. – Florida – Account Manager (Consumer Packaged Goods) “WOW, what a difference, thank you so much, lets see what it does!! its perfect, and your professionalism is appreciated!!”
William V – California – Senior Sales & Digital “Chris, Thank you very much for a great job on my resume! Really appreciate your ability to create a clean, custom version of my experience and skill sets. …Have a great week!
Martha M. – New York – Change Management Director “Hi Chris,I reviewed the resume and letters – they look wonderful! I really like the resume format and the way you presented my qualifications 🙂 Cheers,”
Rick V. – Marietta, GA – Attorney “Dear Chris: I cannot thank you enough for an outstanding job! I … I could not be happier with the promptness and attention paid to me; the phone availibility, and the great product and services you have provided for a VERY reasonable fee. OUTSTANDING!!!! Worth every penny. You are a real pro!!! Thank you!”
Quinn B – North Babylon, NY – Sales Professional “I am extremely impressed with the style and substance of my resume. I was able to set up several interviews almost immediately…”
Doug D. – New York – Senior HR & Business Outplacement Professional “Chris is exceptional at discerning professional skills and personal attributes and then articulates them as a professional resume writer. Process-driven, He takes the time to understand the unique skills that his clients possess. This reflects in the work that Chris presents to them for their approval. It works. Chris should be hired by any business professional that wants to have their abilities accurately represented on their resume. I’ve recommended him to colleagues several times.”
Carrie S – Arkansas – Owner/Operator “Chris is a detail-oriented, personable, professional who is able to listen carefully to clients gathering pertinent information to apply when creating a powerful resume’ that reflects the strengths and attributes of the individual. I have used his talents for updating my Resume’ , Cover Letters, Thank You Letters and my LinkedIn Profile. I recommend his services with confidence and enthusiasm!”

LinkedIn Testimonials

Arthur A. – New York – Managing Director “Chris’s work is hands down the best I have seen. His attention to detail and professionalism is second to none. I would recommend his work to all of my friends.”
Jack R. – New York – Board Member “Chris helped me create a resume that reflected all aspects of my background in a neat and presentable way. He took time to interview me and got to know me and that was well reflected in his finished product. I have passed his name on to several close friends.”
George M. – New York – Senior Account Executive “When it became necessary for me to update my resume Chris was terrific at guiding me through the process. He explained why it was important to change the format to be more accessible and more informative based on the parameters recruiters are looking for today. His format also enhanced on-line submissions. The investment was well worth the expense. I highly recommend Chris to anyone who is currently just looking or in need of a job.”
David N. – New York – Chief Investment Strategist “Christopher did an outstanding job when I needed to put together my accomplishments in writing. He is one of the best. Take my word for it.”
Richard C. – North Carolina – Staff Development Manager, RN “I hired Christopher to write my resume two years ago. I work in healthcare and had a resume that typically looked like most nurses would. “education, position held, certifications etc” very basic. Christopher took the time to interview me in depth about my accomplishments and positions before writing my resume. When he returned it to me I was astounded. I would never have believed that the person he wrote about was me. I immediately began receiving job offers I never thought possible and one of the directors had even asked where I had the resume done because they had not seen such an awesome portrail of an applicant in a long time. I highly recommend Christopher for any writing”
Katherine T. – New York – Digital Solutions Coordinator “Christopher was a pleasure to work with; he understood exactly what I was looking for and delivered promptly. In addition he is personable and is willing to listen to any concerns you may have. He will make sure you are 100% satisfied with the end result. The best part out of my experience with Christopher is that recruiters were responding to my resume more and calling for interviews because of his great work. I would definitely use him again in the future and recommend him to others.”
Andrea M. – Florida – Managing Partner “I have had the privilege of hiring Christopher to produce my most recent resume. He was extremely thorough to understand each job position and able to make my achievements come to life on paper! I would absolutely seek his services in the future and highly recommend Christopher. “
Ephraim R. – New Jersey – Senior Account Executive “Working with Chris on my CV after 10 years with the same employer was a pleasure. He was creative and leveraged his understanding of the industry to articulate the most valuable aspects of my previous responsibilities. He was always punctual with any commitments and engaging at every stage to ensure I was satisfied with the results. I would highly recommend his services.”
Larry C – Washington, DC – Account & Operations Manager “I engaged Christopher to craft the “winning” resume that gets noticed. He did an excellent job of gathering relevant information through the use of a well thought out questionnaire and followed up with questions that contributed uniquely to my resume. He is detail-oriented and industry-aware of my own industry to the point of knowing what employers are looking for in a comprehensive resume. Christopher is a pleasure to work with as he demonstrates patience, friendliness, sincerity, and knowledge. I recommend him highly.”
Michael B. – New York – Loan Officer and Insurance Advisor “Christopher is a great source for anyone who is looking to update their resume or get assistance with a cover letter for a job application. He knows exactly what is best for you in getting the content across.”
Nicole S. – Tennessee – Sales Director “Chris masterfully crafted a resume that accurately reflected my experience. It was comprehensive, yet succinct. His services were well worth the investment as he delivered an excellent resume that successfully demonstrated my experience, expertise and skills. The redesigned format also highlighted the information that grabs the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. I highly recommend Chris’ services.”
Katherine B. – Florida – Senior Sales Associate “I thoroughly enjoyed working with Chris who re-wrote my resume as I was moving careers from one part of the country to another. Taking the time to learn where I was in my life, both personally and professionally, Chris helped me put together a stellar resume reflecting my diverse background and skills that helped me land not one but three job offers within weeks of one another. He was great to work with that I referred him to several friends who took advantage of his service. One has recently accepted a new position. I highly recommend Chris to anyone looking to have their resume revamped, no matter where they are in their professional career.”
John S. – North Carolina – Technology Sales Director “I have had the chance to work with Christopher for a complete re-write as well as updates to my existing Resume. Christopher has been very professional in obtaining the information required and honestly I have not had any needs for modifications. On my last two interviews I received actual PRAISE for the concise and professional format my resume offered. How long has it been since you heard that from a recruiter? Looking to expand, new horizons and opportunities? Work with Christopher to insure your resume is what it takes to get their attention!”

Christopher G. – Virginia – Business Development Executive “Christopher did a great job rewriting my resume. With his help I saw an immediate increase in responses to my resume. I recommend Christopher for anyone looking to increase their visibility in their search.”
Lynan H. – New York – Senior Sales Executive “I thought my original résumé was ok and properly reflected my job history and skill set. However Chris was adamant that I was not doing myself a service and by presenting my background differently it would attract the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. I decided to trust Chris and worked with him. He asked me to carefully consider my strengths and weaknesses and Made me complete a detailed questionnaire. As a result he crafted a great new résumé for me that was applicable to every new job opportunity as it highlights my personal and professional qualifications and focuses on my capabilities. I had more confidence applying for positions and future employers better understood my background and skill set. I am very happy that I had Chris’ help.”
Curt E – Florida – Director, Private Bank “Amazing Experience – Chris was highly recommended to me by a previous client. He went above and beyond to make the time necessary to understand my unique situation. More importantly, he customized my resume to reflect my skill set in a way to achieve a very specific objective. Finally, I strongly recommend Chris and I’m confident he will exceed your expectations.”
Catherine B – East Northport, NY – Software Engineer “Incredible. Chris helped me a while back during my job search. I can guarantee you that he will properly advise you how to enhance your career.”
Kelly K – Maine – Branch Manager “Christopher practices excellent listening skills, pulling details from your experience and displaying them in a clear concise manner. I am extremely satisfied with my new resume.”
Nikki S – North Carolina – Retail Manager “Christopher was so great to work with! He took the time to get to know me and everything I had accomplished throughout my career and was able to create an amazing resume, cover letter, and a follow up letter for me. I definitely recommend him to any and everyone I can. Thank you for all of the hard work and the continued follow up as well!”
Israel S – California – Business Intelligence & Analytics “I have worked with Chris on updating my resume recently. I appreciate the time he spent with me, getting an understanding of what type of position I was striving to attain. This conversation allowed him to tailor my resume for those types of positions. Chris also has a great process for developing a clear and concise resume for quickly highlighting my skill set and experience so potential employers can digest the information quickly. I would recommend Chris for assisting in a job search.”
Catherine W. – New Jersey – Senior Commercial Portfolio Manager “Having Chris rewrite my resume was the most productive step I took in securing a new position. Chris is able to take the details of your daily activities and highlight your abilities and strengths in a format that employers notice. Once you land that dream job I highly recommend you have Chris update your resume and LinkedIn page so you are always presenting yourself in the most current and accurate light – you never know who may be looking for someone just like you.”
Scott T – Arizona – Drupal Developer “Chris did a great job updating my resume. He helped me present my experience and accomplishments perfectly. I landed several interviews immediately in a highly competitive market. I am now working with a great organization and look forward to a long career with them. I highly recommend Chris to anyone in need of a resume that accurately reflects ones value and attracts the attention of employers in need of those skill sets.”
Krissy F. – Georgia – Marketing Strategist – Digital Advertising and Dir “Chris has a great ability to take a traditional resume and turn it into a career game changer resume. He is very knowledgeable and up-to-date on what businesses are looking for today when they are searching for that perfect candidate. It’s not about having just a good resume anymore, it’s about having a stand-out resume which clearly and quickly identifies your best attributes as it pertains to the position at hand you are looking for. And this is exactly what Chris’ resume writing skills can do for you. So, before you put yourself back on the market, make sure you have Chris help you put your best foot forward. After all, being able to showcase our professional value and expertise is a benefit of why we work so hard.”
Brian M – North Carolina – Director of Delivery & Fleet “Chris did a great job updating my resume and linkedin account. Very easy to work with and worked quickly to deliver high results. I would definitely recommend his services and know his clients will be pleased with his services, as well as have confidence his/her resume or professional social media account.”
Kristine M – New York – Attorney “I enjoyed working with Chris, and was impressed with his ability to focus in on how to craft a resume that best showcases your experience and accomplishments. He gives you his personal attention in a prompt, detail oriented manner. Most importantly, he delivers effective results, which is why I felt confident recommending him to others.”
Eric H – North Carolina – Key Account Exec (Technology Sales) “It was a pleasure working with Chris and the results speak for themselves, I have a great new job! I was a passive candidate and once Chris completed his work I began receiving more recruiter contact which ultimately led to a fantastic change. I would highly recommend using Chris’ services. Thank you Chris.”
Jane S – Washington, DC – Unit Secretary “Christopher critiqued my resume, spoke to me at length regarding my skills, experience, accomplishments, etc to have a complete understanding about me. Then he provided a resume that produced immediate responses. Due to his rewrites, I had several job offers in a short period of time. I was able to get a dream job with good people that make going to work every day a pleasure. I’m grateful to Chris. I would highly recommend him.”
Matthew H. – New Jersey – Vice President of Sales (Technology) “In working with Chris for several years he has demonstrated a keen ability to help distill a career’s worth of accomplishments to necessary key components. Most important is his speed, accuracy, and grace while he helps craft a persons’ accomplishments. It’s collaborative work and I am proud of what I have accomplished within my career. Chris’ services are current and he articulate. With his help, I am pleased in my personal branding. I have recommended him to friends and colleagues.”

Sandra K – New York – Branch Management, AVP (Banking) “Christopher did a great job on my résumé and was very professional and will recommend him to anyone in need of resume writing services.”
Meghan D – North Carolina – Faculty (University) “Christopher does excellent work. He created a resume for me that helped me to land a job two weeks later!”
Alicia D – North Carolina – Customer Relationship Manager (Banking) “Chris is a blessing. He took my scribble scrabble and made it into something that landed me several interviews within a week. I landed a job in a few weeks.”
Robert K. – New York – Information Technology Executive “Christopher has a knack for paying attention to detail, bringing items together, and making everything very cohesive in a timely fashion. A true pleasure to work with.”
Mike D – New York – Commercial Realtor “Christopher is an excellent resume writer, who is reliable and has high standards. His background as a technical recruiter makes him an unbeatable resume writer.”
Jose A – Texas – Assistant Vice President “Christopher is a detailed and knowledgeable expert in writing a high class resume for any executive level professional. He is available at any moment to address your CV/Resume needs. I highly recommend Christopher to anyone who wants a professionally written resume that will emphasize your competencies and strengths to your future employer.”
Jennifer S – New York – Medical Technician “I can say he is highly motivated, pays attention to detail and is honest and trustworthy. These are always important attributes to look for in anything you do. I would recommend him and his skill set to assist you with your project.”
Aurelio C – California – Market Manager “Christopher is a very professional and personable Executive Resume Writer. From evaluation to completion his input, direction, expertise and advise was spot on. I would highly recommend his services.”
Carrie M – Georgia – Managing Director “I greatly appreciated the candor, expertise and execution of Christopher’s work. Creating a resume that sums up a 20 year plus career in a concise manner is no small task. In addition, you need an expert who can articulate to you the optics behind the approach and your best selling points. Christopher shows you what you often don’t realize are embedded within your talents and positions it in an articulate way to capture the appropriate attention within the market.”
Georg M – New Jersey – Senior Account Executive “When it became necessary for me to update my resume Chris was terrific at guiding me through the process. He explained why it was important to change the format to be more accessible and more informative based on the parameters recruiters are looking for today. His format also enhanced on-line submissions. The investment was well worth the expense. I highly recommend Chris to anyone who is currently just looking or in need of a job.”
Doug D – Maryland – Business Development “Chris is exceptional at discerning professional skills and personal attributes and then articulates them as a professional resume writer. Process-driven, He takes the time to understand the unique skills that his clients possess. This reflects in the work that Chris presents to them for their approval. It works. Chris should be hired by any business professional that want.”
Joseph K. – Illinois – Sales Management Executive “Christopher is a very personable, intelligent person who does a great job with resumes.”
Edward F – California – Financial Services Recruiter “I have worked with Chris on several occasions for clients seeking resume changes. He is able to bring out the best skills in a candidate resume which has enabled them to be more marketable during a job search. I highly recommend Chris for anyone looking to rebuild their resume and marketability in the workplace.”

Johanna L. – North Carolina – Sales Director, Trainer “Chris is very thorough in his work. He will spend the time to get to know you, your strengths, weaknesses, and goals, before getting started so he can present you in the best light. He is also very diligent and efficient to get your completed resume to you in a timely manner.”

Jason B. – Georgia – Senior Technology Leader “Chris is a true professional in every sense and I greatly enjoyed working with him to refresh my resume. He walked me through the entire process in a very succinct and efficient manor that gave me comfort I was working with someone who cares and wanted to do his best. He was able to artfully and creatively pull together a mix of business and technology experiences into a fantastic resume. I was most impressed by his ability to take my career experiences and focus them on the key areas that were most important.”

Rick W. – Virginia – Sales Manager “Chris is a true professional with outstanding writing and customer service skills. The resume package he produced for me was thoughtfully created after he did a thorough interview with me and determined my strengths and how to present them. On top of it all, he worked through the holiday weekend to get me the resume as quickly as possible. I have already recommended Chris to several associates who are equally pleased with his work, his quick turn around and fair pricing. I strongly recommend Chris and value his awareness and insights in this field.”

John D. – Georgia – Officer, US Army “Christopher was amazingly efficient and helped me write an excellent resume extremely quickly. I hired him to write my resume and in little over a week, he set me up with a great resume and helped create my LinkedIn profile. His communication throughout the process was excellent, always ensuring that I was happy with the resume he was building and asking questions to make sure he developed the best product. I would highly recommend Christopher to anyone who is looking to create an excellent resume that companies will notice.”

Samer S. – New York – Head of Infrastructure & Energy Direct Investments “I’ve enjoyed working with Chris and have recommended him to my friends who seek a fresh look at their careers and for ways to highlight their professional accomplishments. Whether it’s a CV refresh or a LinkedIn profile, Chris’s work is attentive and of the highest quality.”

Natalie P. – California – Customer Success Manager “Christopher worked on my resume and took 4 pages of work experience through clients and experiences and moved it into 2 concise pages that really stood out. He’s knows this area of the business well, his strengths, and delivers information with thought. He provided options to choose an approach that works best for each of us, and I really appreciated coming to what would work best, together. Would happily recommend him to anyone looking for guidance to their resume or cover letter.”

Nick C. – New Zealand – General Manager “After 19 years with the same company you lose track of what’s been achieved. Chris used his skills brilliantly to work with me to capture and professionally present, the key achievements from the last two decades. I thought calling from NZ to Florida and other states that Chris was in as we worked together might create an issue. Chris made himself available at times convenient working around the time zones and the family responsibilities. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone looking for a professional resume.”

Clement Q. – North Carolina – Internal Audit Investigator “Christopher is an excellent resume writer who provides sound advice and guidance in how to present oneself, and make a positive impression on decision makers. Just as importantly, he keeps his commitments to his clients.”

Shawn T. New York – Assistant Controller “Christopher Zourides was extremely helpful and provided exceptional service while reconstructing my resume. I was very pleased with the finished product and recommend Christopher to anyone considering revamping their resume. He has proven to be a total “game changer” in his field.”

Peter T. – California – Business Development Executive “I have recommended Chris’s services to many senior professionals in need of an exceptional resume and/or LinkedIn guidance. He is a true expert in his field.”